Empowering the Ecosystem

Seema Alexander

Co-Founder and President of Virgent AI

“Seema Alexander: Entrepreneur, Strategist, AI Innovator, and Podcast Host
Seema Alexander is a dynamic force, inspiring entrepreneurs, businesses, and leaders to embrace innovation and harness the transformative power of technology. With an unwavering passion for empowering others and a keen eye for identifying unique market opportunities, she has carved a remarkable path as a multi-faceted entrepreneur, strategist, AI pioneer, and podcast host.

Previous Corporate Career
Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Seema had a successful corporate career where she served as a director responsible for developing brand and marketing strategies for a billion-dollar business. She played a pivotal role in Prudential Financial’s award-winning repositioning initiative, taking the company into the 21st century. Her exceptional work earned her recognition as one of the top 20 rising stars in marketing, and she had the honor of ringing the closing bell at the NASDAQ.

Virgent AI: Pioneering the AI Revolution
As the Co-Founder and President of Virgent AI, Seema is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution, driving businesses to unlock their full potential through cutting-edge AI solutions. The company guides CEOs/Founders and their teams on a transformative journey, transitioning them from being AI-curious to becoming AI-powered. Virgent AI’s custom AI agents, models, and workflows are designed to propel businesses into the future, enabling them to gain a competitive edge and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Disruptive CEO Advisory: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Greatness
Seema’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through Disruptive CEO Advisory, the strategic advisory firm she founded in 2014. With her proprietary “”U.N.I.Q.U.E. Method™,”” a six-step strategic repositioning framework, she empowers entrepreneurs and CEOs to identify their unique market position and scale their businesses to new heights. This process has created $100M+ in growth for her clients and unmeasurable impact.

From Spaghetti to Growth Podcast: Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journeys
As the host of the “”From Spaghetti to Growth”” podcast, Seema shares her insights and experiences with a wide audience, inspiring entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges and opportunities of their entrepreneurial journeys. Through engaging conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, and industry experts, she provides valuable perspectives and actionable strategies for growth and success.

DC Startup Week: Fostering a Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
As a co-chair of DC Startup Week, Seema plays a pivotal role in nurturing the vibrant startup ecosystem in the Washington, D.C. area. This annual event serves as a catalyst for innovation, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to celebrate and support the entrepreneurial spirit. Seema’s involvement in DC Startup Week exemplifies her commitment to creating a supportive environment where ideas can flourish, connections can be forged, and dreams can become reality.

With her diverse expertise, innovative mindset, and unwavering commitment to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs, Seema Alexander continues to inspire and lead the way, leaving an indelible mark on the AI, strategic advisory, startup, and podcasting landscapes. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of vision, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.