Empowering the Ecosystem

Lonell Johnson

Entrepreneurship Innovation Center, Bowie State University

Lonell Johnson is a dynamic force in entrepreneurship and education, hailing from Washington, DC. As an esteemed Bowie State University staff member of the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center, he imparts the principles of a Growth Mindset to students and faculty, integrating these transformative habits into their daily lives. Lonell instructs the Entrepreneurship Module of the Freshman Seminar course for 35 sections, teaches the university’s micro-certification Entrepreneurship 101 course, and is certified as a National Science Foundation i-Corps instructor for Bowie State University faculty and students.

As a certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and Entrepreneur Mindset Practitioner, Lonell leverages his expertise to empower aspiring entrepreneurs at Bowie State University and within the Washington, DC area. His top five Clifton Strengths—Harmony, Maximizer, Arranger, Consistency, and Connectedness—reflect his ability to harmonize diverse elements, maximize potential, and foster meaningful connections.

Lonell’s passion for nurturing High School talent is evident through his nonprofit, Technology Playground. This initiative educates youth in entrepreneurship, STEM, workforce development, and coding, equipping the next generation with vital skills for the future while providing essential resources to help nurture youth entrepreneurship.

In addition to his educational endeavors, Lonell’s background in youth development extends to being an assistant Track and Field coach for the Capital City Blazers Track and Field Club and a member of the Cesar Chavez Public Charter School Board of Trustees. His expertise also encompasses building websites and running an affiliate marketing business, demonstrating his versatility and entrepreneurial acumen.

Beyond his professional achievements, Lonell is a dedicated family man who is married and has three children. He serves as the Chairman of the Deacon Board at Florida Avenue Baptist Church, where his leadership and devotion to his community are deeply valued.
Lonell’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to fostering growth, innovation, and community empowerment. His multifaceted career and personal commitments reflect a life devoted to positively impacting the world around him.