Research & Policy

Dr. Issac McCoy

Stillman College - Dean, School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and CIS

Isaac McCoy stands as a distinguished figure at the crossroads of education, mentorship, and business innovation, particularly within the realms of nonprofit organizations, public sectors, corporations, and social impact investments. His tenure as a White House Appointee under the Obama Administration marked a significant period where he championed economic policies aimed at empowering minority-owned enterprises, showcasing his dedication to fostering inclusive economic growth.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Isaac played a pivotal role in establishing the Jamii Group and the i2j Group. The former, a social impact and business consultancy, strives to empower business leaders to expand their horizons by enhancing their competitive advantage and making significant impacts on the financial, social, and environmental aspects of their operations. The latter, i2j Group, focuses on company acquisitions, job creation, and community building, with a unique approach that evaluates success through the lens of profit and purpose, aligning business objectives with broader societal values.

In recognition of his innovative contributions, the U.S. State Department honored Isaac with the title of Global Innovation Fellow, a role in which he engages in vital international dialogues to promote economic prosperity and inclusive innovation across the U.S. and Chinese markets. This acknowledgment highlights his commitment to leveraging entrepreneurship as a bridge for cross-cultural economic collaboration.

Further cementing his influence in shaping future leaders, Isaac serves as the Dean of the School of Business, Entrepreneurship, and CIS at the historic Stillman College. In this capacity, he focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology integration, achieving accreditation, enhancing global perspectives, and fostering civic engagement and responsibility. His leadership and strategic vision aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of the global business environment effectively.
Isaac McCoy’s multifaceted career reflects a deep-seated commitment to blending business success with social impact, demonstrating how strategic leadership and innovative thinking can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future.