Investing & Impact

Cylton Collymore

Founder and CEO of Sirsi.ai

With over two decades of experience in technology leadership, cybersecurity, privacy, and risk management, Cylton has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to complex challenges in the technology sector. He holds multiple certifications in information security, enterprise architecture, and cyber risk, and is passionate about leveraging his expertise to create positive social impact.

As the Data and Access Controls manager at Meta, he led the design and implementation of global privacy standards across Meta’s 100,000-person workforce, spanning employees, candidates, and contingent workers.

He has also served as an expert cyber risk examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, where he was responsible for assessing the cyber resilience of Large Bank national financial institutions and Significant Service Providers.

Prior to the Federal Reserve, Cylton spent 20 years in the Federal Civil Service as an Information System Security Officer and Federal IT auditor, with 2 years as a Foreign Service Officer. There he built some of the largest, most complex confidential infrastructures such as the privileged access management system that secures the United States’ Passport and Visa Database.

Currently, Cylton is the Founder and CEO of Sirsi.ai, your Virtual CTO. Sirsi leverages AI to help businesses build, manage, and scale their IT environments improving transparency and security while reducing cost and risk to any enterprise. Using a new paradigm in Large Language Models called Agentic AI and Natural Language Processing, Sirsi hopes to level the playing field for all current and future business owners by allowing them to start their companies without recruiting and paying for expensive technical staff.