Research & Policy

Ashli Sims

Managing Director of Build in Tulsa

Ashli Sims is a storyteller who breaks down barriers and opens doors so Black entrepreneurs can build wealth for themselves, their families, and future generations. Growing up in the shadow of Black Wall Street, she only knew of the Tulsa Race Massacre as a tragedy and a cautionary tale. She didn’t learn Tulsa was the epicenter of Black wealth until she left her hometown. She spent ten years in local television news as a field producer then a reporter and spent the next ten years helping lead nonprofits as a fundraiser and manager. She has a Nonprofit Management Certification from the Oklahoma Center of Nonprofits, raising more than $13 Million for four different organizations. She joined the Build in Tulsa team in April of 2021, charged with helping raise money for the effort, before she was promoted to lead the initiative in February of 2022. As Managing Director of Build in Tulsa, Ashli is helping reclaim the narrative: Black Wall Street is not a history lesson, but a blueprint. She believes the next Black-led billion dollar company will be based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.