Investing & Impact

Aneisia Williams

Founder, dreambloc

Aniesia Williams is the Founder and Venture Success Partner of dreambloc. She has an extensive career in marketing, spanning over two decades. Aniesia is a corporate leader and a dynamic entrepreneur with a multifaceted skill set. As the Founder of AW+CO, a venture she successfully guided to acquisition, her commitment to excellence, mentorship, and amplifying diverse narratives positions her as a valuable asset in both corporate and entrepreneurial spaces. Aniesia has played pivotal roles in shaping narratives with a portfolio value exceeding $250 million as Chief Client Officer at Epigen Technology and Managing Director at Edelman. Her outstanding contributions were acknowledged when she was named part of the Network Journal’s 40 Under 40 class of 2016. Aniesia actively contributes to the industry by curating venture capital and family office spaces. She provides access to capital that aligns with different growth stages and guides individuals through various levels of wealth. As a mentor for Tech Stars Atlanta and Goodie Nation, she brings her wealth of experience to nurture emerging tech talent. She also serves as a board member of PRSA and advisor to Build in Tulsa and Ascend Ventures.